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Discover how I revolutionised their leadership and catalysed profound transformations. Real success stories that inspire and validate my innovative approach.

“Working with Nadine truly transformational. Nadine is a brilliant listener and always manages to get straight to the heart of any matter with her insightful questioning.”
Claire Power-Browne
Claire Power-Browne
Director of Operations, TIC+
“Nadine helped me revisit some of my ingrained beliefs while boosting my self-confidence. She opened my mind to transformation levers.”

Jean-Paul Cavalier
Head of Operational Excellence, AXA Investment Managers
“Nadine helped me to quickly change perspective, to act more confidently, to focus on my worth and showed me how I could make an even greater impact.”
Rotimi Akinsete
Rotimi Akinsete
Director of Student Welfare, University of Oxford
“Nadine notices and observes the elements which make up the whole picture, and with her intelligent approach, she guides you towards discovery.”
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Tori Garnsworthy
Strategic Operations Director, Invision360

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My clients include governments, big corporates, public services, as well as private individuals across the world.


Hello! Bonjour! I’m Nadine, the Director of Nadine Powrie Consultancy. Thank you for diving into my story. 

If I were to ask you about your ‘seven significant strengths’ and how you integrate them into your leadership role, what would you say? We all possess leadership strengths, yet identifying and leveraging them consistently can be a challenge.

My seven strengths are Courage, Critical Thinking, Detail Orientation, Empathy, Initiative, Persuasiveness, and Self-Confidence. You can read about them below.

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My seven strengths

Courage: Leaving France to pursue opportunities in the UK, I climbed the ranks in school leadership, becoming a headteacher twice. Courage, to me, involves maintaining uncompromising standards and speaking out when values like fairness are compromised. How do your uncompromising standards influence your leadership approach and contribute to your team or organisation’s success?

Empathy: Equipped with a master’s in education management, coaching and mediation certifications, and a Strengthscope® Master accreditation, I create a safe thinking space as a thinking partner. How can my background, focused on empathy and understanding, enhance your leadership experience?

Critical Thinking: Known for my love of learning and analysing, my Leadership Accelerator programmes foster critical thinking about strengths, and provide a platform for exploring diverse solutions and opportunities. How can exploring diverse solutions and opportunities enhance your leadership effectiveness?

Detail Orientation: My detail orientation is described as ‘eagle-eyed.’ Do you have a meticulous approach, and how can you leverage this strength for more impactful outcomes?

Initiative: Leadership, to me, is about seizing opportunities. Through podcasts, books, and consistent LinkedIn posts, I’ve taken initiatives. What leadership initiatives can you take to share knowledge and seize opportunities?

Persuasiveness: Navigating perspectives and resolving conflicts, I’ve learned the art of effective communication. How do you leverage your persuasive skills to influence and communicate effectively with your team or organisation?

Self-Confidence: As an international speaker, my ability to boost people’s confidence is key to my work. How can confidence, rooted in belief and values, enhance your leadership approach?

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Nadine Powrie

My Philosophy

At Nadine Powrie Consultancy, I believe that leadership is forged in passion and innovation. Your unique journey deserves a unique strategy. Let’s redefine the limits of what you can achieve.

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