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How is conflict impacting your organisation?

Every leader will come across times in their career where they have to adopt a macro and a micro-level approach when managing differences of opinion (vision, strategies, values), resolving tensions between colleagues, navigating tricky contractual negotiations or even handling whole-office conflict.

When people disagree, they might interrupt, talk over, become angry, argue, cry or leave the room. They might even leave your organisation to work for your main competitor.

A simple conversation can derail very quickly, and your most expert human capital end up resigning – a real risk for your organisation, a risk that has a high cost.

Here’s the thing: the average number of hours spent per week on conflict in the workplace is 3 hours, either because of difficult conversations or attempts to avoid them. It leads to stress on all sides. The British Safety Council reported that on average, each person suffering from stress, depression or anxiety took 26 days off work in 2018. Apart from the obvious impact on well-being, stress affects the quality of decision-making, not to mention the financial cost to your organisation of long-term absence, sick pay, unexpected leave, or employment tribunals.

Conflict is inevitable. It’s a risk but it can be an opportunity.

How you listen + how you use words = how you influence

You change the words; you change the conversation. Conflict is as an opportunity to manage differences of opinion to co-construct a new conversation.

If you’re a Learning and Development Specialist or a Talent Development Specialist looking to equip your leaders with communication and conflict management tools, or maybe you’re an HR business partner looking for a qualified mediator to support, detect, and prevent conflict from escalating, to resolve conflict or disputes at an early stage in your workplace, I can help you and your organisation.

I enable leaders to influence change through the power of conversations.

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