Nadine Powrie Consultancy | Executive & Leadership Coaching

Imagine a whole day to focus on what YOU need in business

A day to refocus, realign and reset



Are you a leader or a senior leader faced with a challenge?

Unsure where to start?

You could do with stepping back and talking things through with someone, in a safe and confidential environment. 

I can help you.

“Through our conversations, Nadine has opened my mind to transformation levers I would not have actioned without her insights.”

Jean-Paul Cavalier, Head of Operational Excellence, AXA IM, France

My bespoke in-person day is designed exclusively for YOU…

Together we spend a whole day evaluating the way you work, spotting opportunities to do things differently, and brainstorming smart ideas, clear action and steps forward.

My approach is to EVALUATE ELEVATE ACCELERATE™ to help you tackle your challenges. 

Are you ready to step back to lead forward?

My VIP Day is ideal for you if you’re looking to:

  • develop clarity for a future growth plan strategy
  • develop a succession plan
  • have an influential voice with stakeholders
  • strengthen your leadership or communication style
  • develop strategies to deal with conflict and manage difficult conversations
  • elevate your leadership performance
  • build a strategy to create a cohesive team
  • build a strategy for two teams coming together following a merger
  • prepare for or get a promotion
  • plan a career change

“Nadine has played an important role in helping me gain promotions.”

Thomas Hewett, Deputy Head of News at 10 Downing Street

What’s the pay off in investing time in you?

You invest time in your own development working through what triggers your fear and insecurity
You get unstuck
You own your emotions
You’ve just taught yourself your greatest growth
  • A personal toolbox that helps you be at your best. You are more creative, more agile, more courageous and more resilient.
  • A different language so that you can quickly improve and master critical collaborative interactions (decision making, problem-solving and innovation). You speak with courage.
  • Stronger relationships, growth mindset, self-trust. You face your fears with a courageous leader mindset.
  • Inspiring leadership traits such as trust and compassion. You are more consistent between your values and your actions. You show that you care. 
  • New habits to safeguard your well-being and your teams’ well-being. You listen for unspoken fears and check in with your people.
  • Clarity so that you can see the way forward and display calmness, optimism, and hope. Your people know where to focus and why.
  • Confidence so that your teams want to be led by you. You lead with authenticity and integrity.
  • A plan to balance your personal life and work life. You focus on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.
You may not be able to choose your challenges but you can now choose how you respond to them. 

Are you ready to be this type of leader?

Your investment is £3500 (+VAT)

“Nadine showed me how I could have a greater impact without breaking a sweat.”

Rotimi Akinsete, Director of Student Welfare & Support Services, University of Oxford

The values you can expect from me


I listen to your facts, your interpretations, your assumptions. I get on your wavelength. I go at your pace.


I help you shape your unique contribution. I nurture your self-confidence. I enhance your strengths.


You will evaluate your habits. We work on your leadership capacity. you will pivot their talents. I support you to become the best.


We reveal the best of you. We burnish your leadership presence. You will radiate the four leadership energies: intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual.

My gifts

Free access to my modules from my online training programme Managing Difficult Conversations and the Pro Max version of my online Leading Virtual Teams programme. This is altogether worth £1,185.

The venue will be a hotel or dedicated workspace in London, Paris or Dubai.

Interested in another location? Interested in doing a 1/2 day VIP or upgrading to a VIP mentoring package with a VIP Day followed by six months of one-to-one coaching or mentoring? Get in touch.

Our one-to-one VIP Day runs from 9.30 am to 4 pm with lunch and coffee break.

This day is about YOU