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Why is mediation the “most powerful’ tool in the world of dispute resolution

I am delighted to welcome Srdan Simac to my latest episode of #Leadingthecoaching change podcast.

Srdan Simac is a judge, a mediator, arbitrator, lawyer in Croatia. If you follow his work, you’ll see that he walks the talk.

Srdan Simac shares his compelling story about his journey, his career and his philosophy of life (and mediation). He is humble, caring.

  • What skills a mediator need to have to be successful
  • Why do people like saying ‘I am right’ (and you’re wrong)
  • The importance of listening when managing difference of opinions
  • Why is mediation the “most powerful’ tool in the world of dispute resolution

Srdan made reference to:

My favourite quotes in this episode

“Mediation is teaching us about communication skills, how to communicate, how to use words, how to change our perspective.”

But as a mediator, can you imagine, I have so-called “natural authority”? What does it mean? They choose me because they believe that I can help them. That is a huge privilege that somebody with the big problem in his or her life or business, choose you as a person and give you trust to help them, so I feel so privileged.”

Thank you Srdan Simac for this unforgettable moment.

The transcript for this episode is here. 

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