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Why are you good at people liking you?

8 tricks to make people like you immediately

“I want people to like me but in taking my chance to have a courageous conversation, I take the risk for them to hate me forever.”

That’s not necessarily true. It’s an assumption.

My new Coaching the Leading Change podcast episode is all about exploring why you’re good at people liking you and it might help you when you are transforming your difficult conversations into courageous conversations.

Find out:

– How you can use the chameleon effect

– How can people forgive you for your mistakes

– The ONE thing that people always remember

My favourite quote from this episode:

‘Whatever you say about other people influences the way they see you.’

If you’re interested in learning more about how my online licensed training on Managing Difficult Conversations can support your organisation, book a no-pressure consultation where we can discuss what your organisation needs to move forward.


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