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What do you choose to see?


The job of an optician is to ask clients questions, do an eye test to see what the client needs. An optician wants to ensure that clients can see. I sometimes think that I am a bit like an optician. I can make you see differently! That’s what my clients say about me.

I am an Executive and Leadership Coach. I explore with you the ‘Kingdom of Thinking’, meaning you are the thinker and I am your thinking partner who listens and asks incisive questions. The result is clarity and a thinking space to create a world of dynamic possibilities. We are on a journey. You might be navigating organizational changes, you might be leading high performing teams, you might be developing high potentials. It may be something else. It does not matter what it is. What we know is that it is related to change. Change is inevitable and constant.


Fact 1: Change is necessary

Fact 2: Organizations don’t change, people do

Fact 3: We know that two-thirds of large-scale transformation efforts fail.


‘We must become the change we want to see.’ Gandhi


What matters is how you see things and the perspectives that you have. It is about distance and proximity. When you find it difficult to distance yourselves from a situation, I often use the metaphor ‘Choose the right pair of glasses’ as you are what you see. So the questions that I might ask you may be:

  • What are the things that you see that can be made better?
  • What would you like to see yourself as?
  • What can you see that is good?
  • How far ahead can you see?
  • Can you see what might be better for you now?
  • What can you see that can be developed in you?
  • How do you see the world differently now?
  • What do you feel when you like what you see?


I will encourage you to see the best view of everything so it is perfectly ok to change glasses as and when.


‘Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.’ Leo Tolstoy


Sometimes though, what we see is not the reality. We see what we want to see. We are misinterpreting the nature of our perception or we are making an assumption that alters the reality and how we see it. Because something looks that way, it does not mean that it actually does. We can be wrong. In his TED Talk, Donald Hoffman outlines that ‘Neuroscience is telling us that a third of our brain cortex is engaged in the vision. We think about vision as camera that takes pictures. Our neurons construct what we see. We construct what we need in the moment.’ How will you choose to see differently next time?


This blog on As a leader leading change, what do you choose to see exactly? gives you an opportunity to think about how you see what’s around you. Thank you as ever for stopping by. What do you think of what you’ve read? Feel free to comment below or Tweet me @NadinePowrie with any comments or email me at


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