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What are the symptoms of a difficult conversation?

What are the symptoms of a difficult conversation?

If you’ve been worrying about your next remote difficult conversation or maybe if you’ve been thinking of delaying it or not having it at all because you’re dreading it and don’t know how to handle it remotely,

Well, I have REALLY good news for you.

Listen to my new Coaching the Leading change episode where I share the 5 symptoms of a difficult conversation.

My new Coaching the Leading Change podcast episode is all about how you can up level your mindset to create change within yourself and your organisations so that you can transform difficult conversations into courageous conversations.

Find out:

What the 5 symptoms of a difficult conversations are

How you can treat those 5 symptoms

Which of the 3 types of flexibility you can use to develop a mental framework for effective thinking

My favourite quote from this episode:

‘An assumption is an educated guess, a likely condition, circumstance or event presumed known and true in the absence of absolute certainty.’

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