Are you looking for an experienced mentor?

You’re willing to ask for help, show vulnerability and explore different perspectives.

You’re receptive to trying a more creative approach, open to feedback and feedforward taking in 360-degree perception, making personal reflection your job priority.

360 degree for coaching

You’re looking for someone who ‘walks the talk’, focused on being optimistic with a can-do attitude to take you under their wing from a room called fear to a room called hope.

Would you like to learn about how you can aspire 10x higher, think bigger and faster in trouble times? Bounce back and move forward?

Nadine Powrie Adelaide

I can help you make tough decisions and choices

Focus on what you and your colleagues can do to best navigate troubled times, while transitioning to the ‘new normal’. Become a smart leader who

✓ Builds cultural and psychological protection for your teams.

✓ Responds quickly to the rapidly shifting environment.

✓ Re-examines your collective thought processes, operating models and challenges your assumptions.

✓ Overcomes challenges under highly uncertain conditions and responds continuously to dynamic and wrenching change.

In the future you will look like this

Success in coaching

You are opening the lines of communication to ask courageous questions about work, life and health. 

You are equipped with the skills to recognise the signs of distress and to support colleagues.

You are enabling your colleagues to be their best self and improving their engagement, performance and job satisfaction.

VIP 1-to-1 Intensive Day

Price: £2999


Three one-hour follow-up phone calls

Total of 9 hours


  • How to create habits to manage your workload.
  • How to be confident when you speak in meetings.
  • How to overcome your fear of change (when everyone else around you is falling apart).
  • How to speak the language of change.
  • How to manage difference of opinions.
  • How to manage the loneliness of leadership.
  • How to get the next promotion.
Troubleshoot for coaching

VIP 1-to-1 Weekend

Deep dive for coaching

Price: £4999


Six one-hour follow-up phone calls

Total of 18 hours

Deep dive:

  • How to manage transition in a new role.
  • How to establish myself as a team leader.
  • How to overcome my lack of confidence in my new role.
  • How to manage difficult conversations.
  • How to foster better online conversations and relationships.
  • How to manage my anxiety when I’m leading a team in a crisis.
  • How to lead an elite team.

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