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Why Values Matter with Jackie Le Fevre

Why Values Matter

Find out how we all have our unique values with Jackie Le Fevre.

Over the last 13 years Jackie Le Fevre finally feels like she has developed a better understanding of ‘why’. Originally a zoologist Jackie’s early career has involved working with chimpanzees, ducks, geese, swans and flamingos amongst other?animals.

Today she is wholly focussed on the drivers behind the most complex beings of all – humans. As Chair of the Minessence International Co-operative and founder of her own company, Magma Effect, Jackie combines her understanding of behaviour with the theory and practice of leadership and learning to bring values to life with individuals and?organisations.

Jackie is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute where she serves as a member of the Subject Matter Experts group and she is the UK and Ireland lead accreditor for the Minessence Values Framework.

In This Episode:

[3.05] Jackie’s story and limiting belief

[5.06] Value profilers

[8.07] Placing limits on yourself

[13.14] Are there any better values than others?

[16.57] The values we need for difficult conversations

[29.41] Values and outcomes

[34.08] Searching for your values

[40.22] Role of values in recruitment and retaining talents

[44.19] Values for the future


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