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Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Woman

“I’m writing to encourage us to look at what we can do because it’s so easy to become despondent and to really feed defeated. How can I make the world a better place with my actions” says Leisa Grace Wilson

“How can I do better as a human??How can I do better as a woman??How can I do better as a white woman?” says Nadine Powrie

I am delighted to be join by?Leisa Grace Wilson?in one of my episodes of?#leadingthecoachingchange?podcast to discuss racial equality.

We discussed

How we can make a difference through our actions

The types of questions that we need to eradicate in our daily conversations

How to analyze problems from a broader perspective and challenge established ways of thinking

My favourite quote from this episode:

?You’re not going to get rid of ideological thinking and white supremacy by marching through the streets?

As an Executive and Leadership Coach, I enable leaders to influence change faster through the power of conversations.

To find out about how my online licensed training on Managing Difficult Conversations can support your leaders within your organisation, email me?

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