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The power of coaching conversations

If you’re curious about the power of coaching conversations and if you are a high achiever, then you’ll love this podcast. Linley Rose, MCC, is my very special guest. I’ve known Linley for the past 16 years. She was my Executive Coach and has supported me through several promotions from being an Assistant Headteacher to becoming a Headteacher. She then coached my senior team and my staff.

“I can be who I choose to be”


Being a high achiever does not mean that things are easy. They’re not!

Here are some of the questions that I asked Linley (and there were many more in between and after those)

* You are working with leaders and high achievers. What’s your definition of high achiever? What’s the difference with being an ‘elite’?

* Your clients are looking for clarity, focus, confidence and correctness. How do you measure the impact of coaching on those?

* What are the types of conflicts that coaching that is reduced or eradicated when you have coaching?

* You are a certified facilitator of tools: DISC, working style analysis. How reliable are those tools and how do you use them?

* How are leaders challenged by COVID 19 and how can coaching help them?

We agreed that there is a common characteristic that all leaders can have. Not all leaders display it.

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