The 4 ingredients of the Best Training

In this podcast episode, I talk about the key ingredients that could change everything for you when you attend a training.

A lot of people tell me that they don’t really like role plays. It puts them off. I get that.

Your learning style influences you more than what you think. it changes how you internally represent experiences, how you recall information and what words you choose.

Studies at the Surrey Baby Lab at the University of Surrey have investigated colour perception and cognition across development. Did you know that brown and grey are the least attractive colours?

Did you know that research shows that learning appears to be affected adversely by inadequate light, extreme temperatures, and loud noises?

When I run my Masterclasses, it’s all about how I can create environments that facilitate collaborative activities. I learnt a great deal from being of a team who design a new school in Sheffield and from Cisco and so this is why I carefully select the venue for each of my Masterclasses.

Oh I forgot to ask…Are you coming to my next Masterclass on 2nd October in London?

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My next Masterclass on ‘Coaching for Managing Difficult Conversations’ is on 2nd October in London. Your investment is £599 +VAT. Book online or alternatively I can send you an invoice if you prefer.


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