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10 reasons to work with me

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Claire Power-Browne’s Testimonial
Director of Operations, TIC+

What was your life like before we started working together? And what does your life/work look/feel like now?

When we first started working together, I was really struggling with the idea of being a leader at work. I felt fragile and overwhelmed with no confidence in my own abilities. I had no understanding that my lack of recognition for myself meant that I was enabling a culture of lack of recognition for my brilliant team.

Since working with you and being challenged (gently but persistently) on this, I have been able to recognise this habit in myself, to stop an automatic dismissal of praise/commendation and to be able to thank people instead.  This has changed my work life immeasurably; I have allowed myself to start believing in my abilities, to recognise my competencies and the values I bring. 

I am able to reflect on what I have done, rather than focussing always on what is yet still to achieve. This has been translated to the way I work with my team; taking time to appreciate and celebrate achievements as progress towards shared goals.  I am more confident in my ability to lead and this has been reflected back

Did you have a major breakthrough moment during the coaching sessions with me? What was it and how did it change your results?

It was when you helped me see that my own issues with self-esteem and inability to accept praise could be having a knock on effect on my team; if I didn’t accept praise for or belittled my work, each time I did that it took a little bit of value away from my department and team as a whole.  I reflected them.  I was determined to do better.

You challenged me to not deflect praise but to accept it with a simple, ‘thank you, ; I also learned to be more present when with my team- making sure we all took time to appreciate what had been achieved and not just look at future goals.

What were your key tangible results whilst working with me?

I am more confident in my role; I take time to actively consider what I am projecting in my communication and feel able to delegate to, empower, develop and appropriately challenge my team.  The results have been evident both to myself, my team and also to my board.

I have been able to identify key areas on which to focus in order to bring the greatest benefit to my work and my career development. I have also been able to think about these areas in a different way, think through different approaches and then focus on taking action.

What would you want to tell people who were considering working with me?

I have found the experience of working with Nadine truly transformational, not only in challenging my own false narrative around myself but in elevating my thinking around my role and my organisational challenges. 

Communication and expectations are really clear. Nadine is a brilliant listener and always manages to get straight to the heart of any matter with her insightful questioning. I regularly feel challenged but in a safe environment with lots of shared laughter and a genuine connection. She has helped me recognise my own ability as well as potential and guide me toward achieving it. I feel genuinely blessed that my board invested in this coaching for me.

Describe the experience of what it’s like to work with me.

A generous, committed and experienced coach who has challenged and supported me to grow. As a result of working with Nadine, I now have a much greater understanding of my impact within the organisation and importantly, a wider perspective of what affects the organisation and what affects the motivations of people in the organisation.

Being able to discuss ideas and issues with Nadine has been invaluable, giving me a chance to critically examine myself as well as the situation at hand. She has offered practical suggestions as well as ‘take aways’ for further consideration.  I have also really appreciate the flexibility of being able to meet online and fit our sessions in around my busy schedule. Working with Nadine has been the single best thing I have done to develop myself, my leadership and my career.


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Janet Verglione’s Testimonial
Senior Leader, Jersey College for Girls

What was your workday like before our session? What does it look/feel like now?

 The workday was very full and reactive with little space for taking a step back to reflect and ‘elevate’. I was reluctant to delegate and ask more of colleagues, as I was very aware of their busy schedule and conscious of trying to ensure they had balance in their lives. I can see that other leaders in the Faculty are keen to learn more and develop. I feel empowered to develop others in the team, so that they can learn and become stronger leaders. I feel that by being proactive and planning spaces for reflective practice and a focus on our objectives, we can break the reactive cycle and shift to a higher gear in our development as leaders and as a Faculty.

Did you have a major breakthrough moment during the session with me? What was it?

Yes. I think we can sometimes stick with what we have always done and be stuck in a ‘more is more’ pattern in terms of marking and feedback. It is liberating to think that we do not have to do it this way and that verbal feedback in lessons with students noting the feedback given can be an effective alternative to written feedback and that we do not need to feel guilty about not spending our evenings and weekends marking and working.

What were your key tangible results whilst working with me?

I have a much clearer idea of where our key objectives are and how to ensure we can make real progress towards these. I have greater clarity on the development needs and aspirations of other leaders in the Faculty and know that I can use this to build our leadership capacity. I feel ready to plan for a fantastic year ahead, where there will be space to drive forward positive change and reduce time spent on things that don’t have a high impact.

What would you want to tell people who were considering working with me?

Nadine is an inspirational leadership coach who has a talent for truly seeing the individual. She quickly understands the people she works with and helps them to reflect on who they are as individuals, as teachers and as leaders. Her questioning and challenging will force you to re-evaluate your professional practice and your priorities, helping you to find the space and courage to make positive changes.

Describe the experience of what it’s like to work with me.

It is challenging, but infinitely rewarding and empowering. I would like to capture the excitement and empowerment I feel immediately after working with Nadine, so that I can draw on it and remember this sense of purpose in weeks and months to come.


Testimonials 9

Testimonials 11 Tori Garnsworthy’s Testimonial
Strategic Operations Director, Invision360

What was your workday like before our session? What does it look/feel like now?

Successful, but not the best it could be, and I felt disconnected – something was ‘off’, and I knew I had the answer but needed help to find it. Now my workday is more purposeful and considered; nothing means nothing, and everything means something. I’m noticing how I talk to my teams, the words I choose, how often I say certain things and observing the impact they have. I’ve discovered a new way to set things up for success.

Did you have a major breakthrough moment during the session with me? What was it?

Yes – just how fundamental values are to knowing what kind of leader I am and aspire to be. I knew I wanted to work on values, it seemed like the right place to start, getting clear on what’s important to me to help decision making and goal setting…. but I hadn’t considered how to put them into action and how far reaching the effects can be. From the language I use, what I tell my team, my leadership style, my personal brand, and the experience of working with me. It’s given me a new perspective and presented an opportunity for growth – I can see an obvious way to elevate my performance that wasn’t clear to me before my VIP Day. 

What were your key tangible results whilst working with me?

I defined my values as they are today. I’ve got a clear way to elevate my performance to the next level – I’m more aware of the language I use, how I demonstrate my values day to day, and what behaviours I encourage in my teams. Re-thinking how I am structuring my day and managing communication with my teams so that it works for me; I get what I need, and it sets them up to be successful – what meetings happen and when, the purpose of the communication and best channel.

What would you want to tell people who were considering working with me?

Do it! Be prepared to be vulnerable, embrace the experience and the magic will happen!

Describe the experience of what it’s like to work with me.

Nadine has exceptional attention to detail – every part of the experience has been considered and refined to make you feel like a VIP, and it really helps to immerse you in the time and space that has been dedicated to your journey. From the preparation to the venue and the session itself – Nadine notices and observes the elements which make up the whole picture, and with her intelligent approach, she guides you towards discovery. Working with Nadine truly feels like a team of two, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to have her on my team.

Nadine Powrie