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As an ICF Executive and Leadership Coach, I enable leaders to influence change faster through the power of conversations

Do you know what your strengths are?

You think you know but you’re unsure how to leverage those strengths to your advantage.

You’re ready to take ownership of your professional development.

What if you could identify and unlock your 7 significant strengths?

What if you could understand the underlying qualities that energise you and you are great at (or have the potential to become great at), leaving you feeling most excited, confident, and in a state of flow?

Let me help you.

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What people say about working with me

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Nadine is an inspirational leadership coach who has a talent for truly seeing the individual. She quickly understands the people she works with and helps them to reflect on who they are as individuals, as teachers and as leaders. Her questioning and challenging will force you to re-evaluate your professional practice and your priorities, helping you to find the space and courage to make positive changes. Working with Nadine is challenging, but infinitely rewarding and empowering. I would like to capture the excitement and empowerment I feel immediately after working with Nadine, so that I can draw on it and remember this sense of purpose in weeks and months to come. (Janet Vernaglione, Senior Leader, Jersey)

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What makes Nadine’s coaching so powerful is her linguistic expertise combined with deep listening. She helps you realize the underlying meaning of the words you use, and provides the necessary space for self-reflection using short insightful questions. It helped me develop further confidence, readiness and feel better balanced, which makes life much easier. (Christine Billy, Scientific Talent Developer, Basel, Switzerland)

I can help you audit and ignite your strengths-based leadership approach

✓ Create time and space for self-connection and self-awareness.

✓ Explore the positive psychological capital (hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism) to increase well-being, work and life satisfaction.

✓ Keep track of your energy level by developing high performance habits including downtime and mental wellness.

Manage emotional, psychological and behavioural responses to uncertainty, grief, adversity, conflict and change with care, confidence and compassion.

✓ Learn specific communication styles for your stressed-out colleagues to influence a better mental-health future.

✓ Drive strengths awareness through feedback on how strengths show up in the workplace, helping you to be the best version of you and aware of your impact on others around you.

I use strengths-based coaching. I am a Strengthscope® Master. Strengthscope® is a strengths-based psychometric tool that enables people to reveal their unique strengths.

Strengthscope® is the only strengths profile with a British Psychological Society registered test.

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I am often asked what a coaching session looks like with me. You can find out by clicking here where you will find a link to a 30-minute session with Jeni Ling as well as a separate transcript of that session.

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