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Stop worrying about the impact of restructuring

Business reorganisation and restructuring is a common issue that affects thousands of employees every year. It’s a sensitive matter that greatly impact people lives.

I might be controversial here but I believe that restructuring can inspire people to perform better.

A restructuring has always a ‘WHY’ and it starts with the business strategic plan. Shifting the vision, the business priorities to revive a business in decline or to gain competitive advantage so that it continues to grow justifies the ‘WHY’.

In this episode of Leading the Coaching Change podcast, I’ll be sharing

The ONE group of employees that tend to respond in a particular way during a restructuring

The ONE value that your organisation need at this moment in time

The benefits of restructuring

My favourite quote from this episode:

‘Using the values of your organisation to behave ethically are qualities and actions associated with successful leaders who can inspire during tough times.’

If you’re interested in learning more about how my online licensed training on Managing Difficult Conversations can support your organisation,’ book a no-pressure consultation where we can discuss what your organisation needs to move forward.


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