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Stairway to success

What is your stairway to success?

I am an Executive Coach. Everyday I have the privilege of sharing my path with truly amazing people, both in terms of business professionals, entrepreneurs and human beings. Working together is always a reciprocal, natural and absolute commitment.

You are? You have a name and valuable interpersonal skills. In business, an entrepreneur, a leader for at least the last 3 years with a high emotional potential ready to explore something different and develop a 360. Finding yourself at a decisive turning point in your development right now, you are eager to be more, do less, get better. As Goethe said, ‘there is nothing permanent except change’.

I am a Facilitator. I regularly use tools in my coaching, like cards with images. I like simple! A client chooses which one she/he would like to pick. We have a vision conversation, a thinking process where we clarify the vision. Most recently, a client picked the stairway. I start with my first question: What is your stairway to success?

You are choosing to walk up and down those stairs. Of course you might go faster in the lift but you can also get stuck in a lift. It’s about risk taking! Walking up or down is safer. Walking up and down makes you feel free. You are in control of your movement.

You are choosing how high you want to climb. You don’t want to define how many steps you will go up each day. It will depend on the circumstances. It is important to have an open mind. Sometimes going backward is actually moving forward so going down the stairs can be a good thing too!

You are choosing at what pace you want to climb up or down. You can also stop. When was the last time you paused?

You are choosing who is climbing the stairs with you. You like to be on your own but you also like to be with friends and colleagues with whom you can talk. We effect change by engaging in robust conversations with ourselves and others. How about a walking meeting?

You are choosing whom you might bump into. You are curious who else is on the stairway.

Lift off!

What is currently impossible to do that, if it were possible, would change everything? If you would like to explore this with me, please email me at


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