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4 Reasons to Continue to Send Letters

I have been looking forward to booking my seat to the upcoming Letters Live show in London this October. It is not like anything I have ever seen before. So on the 7th October began my introduction to Letters Live in London. The concept is simple and was inspired by Shaun Usher’s international best-selling Letters of Note series and Simon Garfield’s To the Letter. Letters Live is a live celebration of the enduring power of real literary correspondence written over the centuries and from around the world.The letters from the famous and the unknown, from the present day to the distant past are read by a series of great performers, mostly actors, writers, musicians. The show lasts about two-and-a-half hours. The experience is unique. So why should we continue to write letters?

It is a visual and tactile pleasure. Whether handwritten or typed, a letter carries a certain emotional impact. Written words can be incredible and inspiring.

Letters are more personal. We can hold, unfold and hang onto them.

It requires a different time and attention. The process of letter writing requires an investment: the type of pen we use, blue or black ink? Which stamp?

It shows how much you care. There is a difference between receiving an email and a letter. When you actually write your thoughts by hand to another person, you put the words down paper, you buy an envelope, a stamp, you go to the letter box. It carries a powerful caring message which has a distance to travel.

THANK YOU to Letters Live for allowing us to experience a moment of time in someone else’s life for a brief moment.


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