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Six ways to prepare for a difficult conversation

No I am not a robot and no I am not Alexa!

What I can do is give you a framework that can help you prepare those difficult conversations. Yes research shows that if you have a positive mindset and if you focus on developing better relationships as opposed to focusing on getting what you want (which is not necessarily what your organisation need), then those conversations can be constructive.

Have you ever thought of the financial impact of not having this courageous conversation?

A 2016 survey of 1,025 employees from VitalSmarts also points to the cost of conflict, reporting that every single conversation failure costs an organization $7,500 and more than seven work days.

In this episode, I talk about the cost of not having those difficult conversations, the immediate impact that you can expect with the quality of your conversations and the hypothesis that might make given the future trends on communication.

Tune in and find out how I can help you prepare for the difficult conversations that you know you need to have.

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