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Personal development strategies

Invest in a personal development strategy

I have my own DNA and I am all work in progress! I continue to train and attend conferences to listen, learn and network. As a bilingual and a linguist, I love everything about words.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) can take many different forms and varies for each individual; every development plan is as unique as a fingerprint.


Invest in a personal development strategy 1


‘Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think’ Albert Einstein.


I have a business model. I started drafting it from a video that I watched on Youtube. If you want to watch a real company with a real product, have a look at the business model from Lego or Disney, it will give you a clear idea about how you can adapt it for your own business. My business model has become more fluid with the key activities that I refine on a regular basis. I am influenced by everything that is happening to me and around me. So when I attend events, meet people or have an online community conversation, I will immediately add some ideas to my model. Everything is colour coded. I believe in the psychology of colours.


Invest in a personal development strategy 3


My professional development influences who I am becoming as an Executive and Leadership Coach. So how did I invest in my personal development strategy this year so far?


#Ongoingreading2018 (cost £50)

Reading is part of my daily habit. I read to relax, to dream, to learn, to think, to be challenged, to inform case studies from my leadership presentations and workshops, to grow my executive and leadership questioning techniques.

My 6 favourite books this year so far are:

Read here about a few top business leaders and entrepreneurs who make reading a major part of their daily lifestyle:


Invest in a personal development strategy 5

Here are some books that extremely successful people read around the world.


#UKICF2018 (Cost £300)

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and so I continue to train on a regular basis by attending online webinars and ICF conferences. This year, the ICF conference was about people who wanted to question further, survive and thrive, which sums me up very well.

My key takeaways were:


#JulieHall2018 (cost £2000)

I booked Julie Hall for a VIP day on 11th May 2018. RachelMiller recommended Julie Hall to me. My focus was to work with Julie on my offers and marketing messages. We met at the British Library. We worked from 10am to 4pm. I really like the way Julie used my background to link the past, the present and the future.

My key takeaway was very simple: a 4-page action plan inserted in my strategic business model that had to be implemented. I am pleased to say that to day, everything is now green.

‘Millennial workers rate the ability to learn and progress as the most important aspect of an employer brand’ (Deloitte 2017). I might not be a Millennial worker but it still works for me!


#MIL2018 (Membership Cost £294 + Media Live Cost £850)

My decision to attend the Janet Murray Media Live Event 2018 is more organic than what I had imagined. My work with Janet Murray started on 1st January 2018 when I subscribed to her online membership. My main goals were to have access to her resources (webinars and podcasts that could help me in my business) and become part of her online community, allowing me to have business conversations with other members whose circumstances are similar to mine. I have become a great student at attending the Wednesday 2pm call (no matter where I am in the world) and I frequently ask questions online when I am stuck!

So when she started talking about this event and meeting journalists, I felt excited. I have some experience with journalists as I have been interviewed on TV (the BBC and its French equivalent, TF1) and in the press (Times Educational Supplement) while I was a Headteacher. I have done one radio programme since I started my business Nadine Powrie Consultancy Limited. ?I was immediately attracted to meeting marketing and social media professionals.

I have a media strategy but of course I can improve it. I like meeting new people who are bringing me out of my comfort zone. They make me grow. They offer new and different perspectives that are always valuable.


Janet says ‘You will learn about the kind of content that journalists and influencers are looking for and how they can help you get found’.

My questions: ‘So what are those people looking for within my area of expertise? How often is there a need for this? Could I create a need if someone gave me a chance? Can they help me get found? Those journalists have a huge challenge ahead of them to help 60 delegates get found’

Janet says ‘You will learn how to write the perfect pitch for my ideals publications, programmes and podcasts’.

My questions:’is there a framework/template that is easy to follow? Where does SEO fit into this? What technology shall I use? What training do I need? I do not have a team of people around me. I do everything myself although my husband and children help me whenever they can. It’s a family business.’

Janet says ‘You will learn how to grow your media influence by working with high-profile bloggers, Youtubers…’

My questions: What does ‘working with’ mean? Does this have a financial cost? What?s the timeframe? What guarantees me that it will have the desired impact on my business?



On 15th July 2018, I will start my third year of business. I have a clear business model and targets that I want to achieve. Peter Drucker once said ‘the number-one trait of an effective leader is that they do one thing at a time. Today’s technology tools give you great opportunities to do 73 things at a time or to at least delude yourself that you are’. Here is a breakdown of the main personal development activities I shall be engaging in during my third year:


Nadine Powrie as an International presenter

5th and 6th October: Presenter at the Middle East School Leadership Conference on ‘Building a coaching culture in your organisation’.


Nadine Powrie as an Executive and Leadership Coach

25th August to 9th September 2018: Leadership training for the Faculty of Business, Economics & Law (University of Queensland, Brisbane) & for the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources (Griffith University, Brisbane). International reach is at the core of my business model and I have always wanted to work with people from around the globe. In a previous career, I visited many schools in different countries (China, Australia, New Zealand, America, Middle East, Africa) and realised how important it is to have exposure to different ways of thinking. In my current career as an Executive and Leadership Coach, I think it is important to work with people from different cultures, which is why I am working more with companies where I can use my languages (French/English) around the world. Coaching is all about communication and there is no more important communication than cross-cultural communication, particularly at a time when many countries seemed intent on closing borders. Working internationally across cultures has given me insight into how differently people can be thinking about themselves. I find that this can give me unique skills when I am in coaching conversations with my clients. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Coaching is often about helping people to see things differently, particularly when those things constitute a challenge for them.[/inlinetweet]


Nadine Powrie as an online trainer

My online webinar is on 10th September on ‘How to have a difficult conversation’. If you want to book, please click here.

My online programme starts on the 26th If you are interested or want further information about the next start dates and early bird bonuses then join my waiting list here and I will be sure to keep you posted.


Nadine Powrie as a Twitter Chat host

Continue to host a Twitter Chat #ManagingTeams on Wednesdays between 9pm and 10pm (BST) to offer Leaders another layer of support.


Nadine Powrie as a blogger and guest blogger

Continue to add to my library (over 45 blogs/vlogs online), all practical and ?how to? advice that relate to my clients? questions. My latest blog on ‘How to have a difficult conversation’ ranked 5th on Google search.


‘We can all create our luck by taking the necessary risks to open the door to change’ Richard Branson


Here are my 7 favourite questions to get clarity on professional development:

  • What would it look like if you were entirely successful?
  • In six months, if things were going exactly the way you want, what would you see?
  • What would you do if you had unlimited resources?
  • What is your current biggest problem or challenge?
  • How do you plan to approach them?
  • What resources do you have access to?
  • What is one step you could take right now that would indicate you were moving forward?



This blog on How do you invest in a personal development strategy gives you an opportunity to think about your own strategy if you are a coach or a potential client. Thank you as ever for stopping by. What do you think of what you’ve read? I hope it’s helpful if you are thinking of looking for an Executive and Leadership Coach who does virtual coaching. Feel free to comment below or Tweet me?@NadinePowrie with any comments or email me at?

It’s good to talk. I’ve just opened up new offers for virtual coaching. This is in response to my current clients’ feedback.









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