Imagine a whole day to focus on what YOU need in business

A day to refocus, realign and reset



Why? Because right now…

You’re working long hours and you’re not seeing your family, you feel disconnected at home and exhausted.

Conflict is managing you and not the other way round, you feel disempowered and on the back foot.

You’re struggling to say ‘no’. Boundaries are an issue.

You don’t feel the feedback that you’re providing is having an impact, or you fear you’re delivering it in the wrong way. You’re starting to doubt your leadership skills.

You’re not managing your direct reports very well so some of them are underperforming, some don’t want you to lead them.

You need help and support to develop the right skills for managing in a hybrid work context.

You want to fully empower your direct reports and teams to make good decisions and resolve complex problems.

It’s what you do next that counts.

“Through our conversations, Nadine has opened my mind to transformation levers I would not have actioned without her insights.”

Jean-Paul Cavalier, Head of Operational Excellence, AXA IM, France

A bespoke in-person day designed exclusively for YOU…

How do NP one-to-one VIP Days work? We have a consultation call where you explain to me the issues (and opportunities) you’re having in your career, with your teams, with senior management.

Our one-to-one VIP Day is tailored to help you evaluate your leadership style, work on what needs to be strengthened, and elevate and accelerate what’s best about it so that you become a high-performing leader leading a high-performing team, taking your organisation to new levels.

We delve deeper into your leadership style to explore:

  • How you lead and manage difficult conversations so that conflict resolution becomes a tool in your business tool box.
  • How you influence above and beyond your teams to sharpen your organisation’s vision.
  • How you make your direct reports more accountable to each other and to the team as a whole.
  • How you re-energise an exhausted team so that they fly rather than plodding on.
  • How you move out of your comfort zone, because if you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got.
  • How you develop your skills to lead and manage in a hybrid work context.

Examples of things we explore together:

  • Your conversation style: different words lead to different outcomes
  • Your triggers map: the words or situations that trigger emotions and thoughts which can unbalance you
  • Your magic hour: your most productive time of day according to your body clock
  • Your biorhythm chart: how to manage peaks and troughs
  • Your growth plan: the what next in your career journey
  • 100% confidential: a private room, Chatham House rules

“Nadine has played an important role in helping me gain promotions.”

Thomas Hewett, Deputy Head of News at 10 Downing Street

Nadine Powrie masterclass

The takeaways from your one-to-one VIP Day with me include:

  • A personal toolbox that helps you attract and retain talents in your teams and in your organisation
  • Strategies to empower your teams in hybrid and remote working models so that you can create a future that balances individual productivity with innovation-driving creativity, and personal flexibility
  • A different language so that you can quickly improve and master critical collaborative interactions (decision making, problem-solving and innovation)
  • New habits to safeguard your well-being and your teams’ well-being so that you can help develop skills to nurture well-being
  • Clarity so that you can see the way forward and display calmness, optimism, and hope
  • Confidence so that your teams want to be led by you
  • A plan to balance your personal and work-life so that you can focus on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy 
  • A 30-minute follow-up feedforward call.

Speak with your Talent and Learning  Team now so that we can arrange a discussion. By investing in yourself, you invest in your future and the future of your organisation.

Your investment is £3500 (+VAT)

“Nadine showed me how I could have a greater impact without breaking a sweat.”

Rotimi Akinsete, Director of Student Welfare & Support Services, University of Oxford

You will boost your leadership capabilities

Being a leader is an extraordinary role with a lot of responsibility. But it’s a role that you can learn. At the end of my one-to-one NP VIP Day, you will leave knowing how to:

  • Overcome your leadership struggles.
  • Use your talents to get the best results from yourself and your teams.
  • Expand your mindset for elite performance.
  • Change your behaviour, thinking, attitudes and emotions.
  • Develop perspective on situations, drawing on your colleagues’ signature strengths (and quirks) so as to promote a collaborative mindset within teams.
  • Improve your communication skills to engage in valuable conflict and debate so as to promote best thinking.
  • Eliminate unnecessary escalation by being confident in tackling issues straightaway.
  • Manage people in complex situations sooner rather than later.
  • Provide powerful constructive feedback to elevate peers’ performance.

To speed up, slow down with my NP VIP Day

There is an immediate return on investment for you:

  • An increase in productivity (commitment, engagement, and contribution), creativity, client attraction, performance, success, reputation, profitability, sustainability.
  • Managing high-stress situations and conversations.
  • Stronger relationships and growth mindset.
  • Instilling confidence (and hope).

The values you can expect from me


I listen to your facts, your interpretations, your assumptions. I get on your wavelength. I go at your pace.


I help you shape your unique contribution. I nurture your self-confidence. I enhance your strengths.


You will evaluate your habits. We work on your leadership capacity. you will pivot their talents. I support you to become the best.


We reveal the best of you. We burnish your leadership presence. You will radiate the four leadership energies: intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual.

My gifts

Free access to my four modules from my online training programme ‘Managing Difficult Conversations’ and the Pro Max version of my online Leading Virtual teams programme. This is altogether worth £1,185.

My journal worth £44.

London hotel meeting room

The venue will be a hotel in London.

Interested in another location? Get in touch.

Our one-to-one VIP Day will run from 9 am to 4 pm with lunch and coffee break.

This day is about YOU