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Build new habits that last with my Journal

Imagine what your day could look like

I have created My Journal for Courageous Leadership Conversations so that you can build new habits that actually last!

Every day you can reflect on ONE aspect of your leadership focusing on ONE thought-provoking coaching question.

You’ll develop the skill of being consistent in your leadership outlook.

Small changes in habits can lead to remarkable results.

You can become the reflective and agile leader that you’ve always wanted to be.

My Journal for Courageous Leadership Conversations

The four sections of My Journal for Courageous Leadership Conversations echo the leadership journey:

  • Tuning in is about understanding who you are as well as who you would like to be as a leader.
  • Managing change is about confronting the challenges you face as a leader when your colleagues would prefer to carry on as they and the organisation are.
  • Having courageous conversations is the heart of the Journal, because as a leader you need to persuade your colleagues to do things they don’t want to do, to challenge them when things don’t go well, and you’ll meet a whole range of resistance strategies.
  • Creating high-performing teams reflects the next stage, once you’ve persuaded your colleagues to embrace your vision, and you need to get them working together with you.
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