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Live One-Day Online Masterclass

on Managing Difficult Conversations

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Have you ever had to have a difficult conversation with a colleague about underperformance, missed deadlines or poor behaviour?

If so, I bet it wasn’t an easy conversation. And there are probably things you wish you’d done differently.

If this sounds familiar, you need to join my 90-minute live online Masterclass.

I also offer a whole-day Masterclass, details here.

This is the Masterclass that gets you unstuck in only one day so you can start turning your difficult conversations into productive ones. Think about your next difficult conversation, are you feeling like this?

  • ‘’I’m absolutely dreading it’’
  • ‘’I’m not sleeping at night’’
  • ‘’I’m stressed because I always leave those conversations feeling that I’ve not said what I needed to say’’
  • ‘’I can’t focus because I am scared of the unknown. What are they going to come up with?’’
  • ‘’My palms are sweaty, my stomach is in knots. My blood pressure is soaring at the idea of it’’
  • ‘’I don’t feel confident about what to say, how much to say and where to start’’
  • ‘’I’m not sure I’m saying the right thing’’
  • ‘’I’m not who I want to be in those conversations’’
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You'll Learn

To use specific communication styles and skills so that you reduce inertia, prevent costly mistakes and dramatically increase performance and productivity.

To overcome resistance and increase your confidence so that tension levels go down, communication improves and colleagues ask for feedback.

To adopt new ways of relating to and managing relationships so that you rapidly improve your staff morale and their sense of well-being, you reduce your % staff turnover, and you increase your retention rate.

To read and respond to nonverbal cues so that you and your colleagues become better communicators.

Key Benefits

You will be able to go back to work and have a difficult conversation in a productive way that impacts positively on your teams. On the day of the Masterclass, you will carry out a range of exercises from masterminding with peers all the way through to role plays and simulations to make sure you get the best possible outcome and that you are able to use the skills that you have learnt.

As all my Masterclasses have been accredited by the Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC), you can claim your six hours CPD training.

My clients liked...

‘The variety of learning approaches to the topics’

‘The content was very relevant to my role’

‘New techniques for managing difficult conversations’

‘Practise using role plays in a safe and supportive environment’

‘Delivery and pace’

‘The small group size’

‘The take-away booklet’

What they will do differently...

‘Take time to think before those conversations about body language and technique’

‘Think about my approach and style’

‘Use the NP Toolkit’

‘Frame it from the start’

‘Drill down to the bottom of the ‘iceberg’

‘Use silence appropriately’

‘Think positively’

‘Work with the resilience that I now know I have’

Managing Difficult Conversations Masterclass Info


Your investment is £699+VAT per person. If you wish to pay via invoice, please get in touch. It is also possible to split payment; please contact me if you have any payment queries.

All my masterclasses are practical. There will be real life scenarios during which you will be able to share thoughts/perspectives and simulate coaching conversations.

You will be given a ‘start up’ resource pack to apply your new coaching skills in your daily job.

My expertise

I have 25+ years experience in the public sector. Clients include 10 Downing Street, The Cabinet Office (UK), AXA France/UK, and the Ministry of Justice (UK).

I’ve worked with national and international ministerial teams and influenced educational policies and leadership processes which have become best practice.

I am a qualified Executive and Leadership Coach with ICF (International Coaching Federation).

I work with leaders who want to improve their performance and that of their teams. Using the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired, I can help you make things happen. I’ve driven radical change. I can help you do the same.

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