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Accelerate your leadership strengths

Do you understand your leadership strengths?

Are you looking for a strengths-based action plan against every goal you’re working on?

Do you want access to new practical tips and ideas on stretching your strengths to achieve your new goals?

Do you need a personal space to reflect on your strengths and keep track of your leadership development journey?


How will we work together?

Prior to our first session, you will receive a link to complete an online Strengthscope™ assessment. Note that it is the only strengths assessment available in the world today with British Psychological Society-registered test status, shown to measure without bias in regard to gender, age and ethnic origin.

Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive a copy of the report prior to our first session together. The report focuses on which strengths give you energy and which drain your energy, allowing us to identify and improve the use of your strengths.

Our work together will begin with a one-hour online session debriefing your Strengthscope™ assessment. This will be followed by an initial half-day session (VIP) to set the parameters of our work going forward: the evaluation of your current situation (career, performance, challenges, for example), how to elevate your strengths positively and how to accelerate them. This session will be followed by six 30-minute online conversations in which we will review your progress.

What are the objectives of the Leadership Accelerator Programme? 


  • To help you identify what makes you truly unique, enabling honest and authentic conversations. It empowers you to develop and stretch your strengths, as well as productively overcome blockers to their performance. 
  • To identify and then use your strengths, making you more confident, engaged with work, productive and able to build better relationships with colleagues. 
  • To catalyse high-impact conversations for exceptional performance and to drive up engagement, commitment and performance. Employee performance can increase by as much as 36% when performance conversations focus on strengths, contrasted with a fall of 27% when the same conversation is focused on weaknesses. 


The Leadership Accelerator programme will enable you to… 


  • Focus on the effectiveness of your signature strengths in times of change. 
  • Translate your strengths into value by speaking the language of business using strengths. 
  • Encourage you to do more of the things that energise you. 
  • Bring energy, passion, curiosity and authenticity to your conversations. 
  • Use a language of strengths within your teams as an easy way to help communication feel safer, appreciate diversity, and showcase psychological safety within team dynamics. 
  • Enable a healthy feedback culture at work by developing the power of strengths-based feedback with your teams #thestrengthsway. 
  • Have a strengths-based action plan against every goal you’re working on, designed to help you access new tips and ideas on stretching your strengths and achieving your new goals.  
  • Be aware of your overdrive risks as they can get in the way. 
  • Reflect on your strengths and keep track of your development journey. 


Leadership Accelerator 1


I use strengths-based coaching. I am a Strengthscope® Master. Strengthscope® is a strengths-based psychometric tool that enables people to reveal their unique strengths.

Strengthscope® is the only strengths profile with a British Psychological Society registered test.

The programme includes a comprehensive report. Click here if you would like to download a sample report.

Your investment for the programme is £2960 excluding VAT.

What people say about working with me

Leadership Accelerator 3

I have found the experience of working with Nadine truly transformational, not only in challenging my own false narrative around myself but in elevating my thinking around my role and my organisational challenges.  Communication and expectations are really clear. Nadine is a brilliant listener and always manages to get straight to the heart of any matter with her insightful questioning. I regularly feel challenged but in a safe environment with lots of shared laughter and a genuine connection. (Claire Power-Browne, Director of Operations, TIC+)

Leadership Accelerator 5

 I felt disconnected – something was ‘off’, and I knew I had the answer but needed help to find it. Now my workday is more purposeful and considered; nothing means nothing, and everything means something. I’m noticing how I talk to my teams, the words I choose, how often I say certain things and observing the impact they have. I’ve discovered a new way to set things up for success. Nadine notices and observes the elements which make up the whole picture, and with her intelligent approach, she guides you towards discovery. (Tori Garnsworthy, Strategic Operations Director, Invision360)

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