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Leadership Accelerator


“Expertise, positive energy and forensic approach ensure that all who work with her make significant gains in each and every interaction with her.”
Leadership Accelerator 1
Ruth Burke
Principal/CEOPrincipal/CEO Swiss International Scientific School, Dubai
“Nadine brings a wealth of experience, tempered with a coolness of head that disarms the most difficult of problems.”

Nick Sherriff
Nick Sherriff
Director, Office of Education Standards at Cayman Islands
“Her clear, yet unobtrusive focus on outcomes, underpinned with intelligent, incisive intervention produces tangible change at all levels.”
Leadership Accelerator 3
Jan Daines
Education, inspection and improvement
“Nadine has challenged me to think differently to lead a transformation agenda successfully.”
Nabil Fejjal
Nabil Fejjal
Head of Middle Office Control France, AXA Investment Managers
“Her observations are sharp and impactful. Her powerful questions trigger insight and a shift in the thinking process.”

Lara (Van Campenhoudt) Langman
Executive & Life Coach, UK
“Her assessments are always honest and frank, and her feedback is constructive and remarkably prophetic.”
Thomas Hewett
Former Chief Press Officer, Downing Street

Your unique leadership strengths can set you apart

Are you looking for a strengths-based action plan against every goal you’re working on so that you can enhance performance and collaboration?

Do you want access to new practical tips and ideas on refining your strengths so that you can navigate uncertainties and lead your team with resilience?

Do you need a personal space to reflect and enhance your leadership strengths for ongoing personal and professional growth?


What are the objectives of the Leadership Accelerator Programme? 

  • To help you identify what makes you truly unique, enabling honest and authentic conversations. 
  • To empower you to develop and elevate your strengths, as well as productively overcome blockers to your performance. 
  • To make you more confident, engaged with work, productive and able to build better relationships with your colleagues and your teams. 
  • To catalyse high-impact conversations for exceptional performance and to drive up engagement, commitment and performance. Employee performance can increase by as much as 36% when performance conversations focus on strengths, contrasted with a fall of 27% when the same conversation is focused on weaknesses. 

How we will work together

Leadership Accelerator 5

Prior to our first session, you will receive an email link to complete an online Strengthscope™ assessment. Note that it is the only strengths assessment available in the world today with British Psychological Society-registered test status, shown to measure without bias in regard to gender, age and ethnic origin.

Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive your report prior to our first session together. The report focuses on which strengths give you energy and which drain your energy, allowing us to identify and improve the use of your strengths.

Our work together will begin with a recorded one-hour debriefing session on zoom, focusing on your strengths profile. The session includes a personalised summary which will be the foundation for what follows.

This will be followed by an initial half-day session (on-line or in person) to set the parameters of our work going forward: the evaluation of your current situation (career, performance, challenges, for example), how to elevate your strengths positively and how to accelerate them. 

This session will be followed by six 30-minute online conversations in which we will review your progress.

Leadership accelerator flowchart

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Claire Power-Browne

Claire Power-Browne
Director of Operations, TIC+
Leadership Accelerator 7

Janet Vernaglione
Senior Leader, Jersey College for Girls
Leadership Accelerator 9

Tori Garnsworthy
Strategic Operations Director, Invision360

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