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Courageous Leadership with Jeremy Williams

How do you demonstrate courageous leadership?

Find out how you can be a courageous and authentic leader with Jeremy Williams.

Jeremy Williams is the Head of School at Manor Hall International School in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. As a 2018 Middle East Education Influencer Award finalist, Jeremy shares ideas and practices surrounding leadership, school culture, entrepreneurship, innovation, and authentic learning through Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition to leading his school, Jeremy is also the host of Dismissed, a podcast about entrepreneurship, education, and expatriate life that is part of the DisruptEd TV network. Currently finishing his Ph.D in organizational leadership, Jeremy is currently researching the impact of transformational leadership on organizational commitment?of teachers in high poverty urban schools in the United States.


[1.48]: What are Jeremy’s priorities in his life?

[4.40]: Jeremy’s journey to become a Head of School

[5.01]: How Jeremy’s experience in America has shaped him as a leader?

[10.01]: Jeremy on leading with courage

[13.07]: The difference between persuasion and infuence

[14.58]: The challenges that Jeremy is facing as a leader

[17.33]: Jeremy on being a resilient leader

[19.52]: Jeremy on being an inclusive leader

[21.54]: Jeremy on the courage of having difficult conversations

[27.57]: Jeremy on his passion for students to learn more

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