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Leadership Talent with Jeni Ling: Part 6

How do you assess leadership talent?

Find out how you can develop, identify and assess leadership talent with Jeni Ling

Jeni has been involved in school leadership, in a variety of roles since she was appointed Deputy Head in 1988. She has experience of working at school and system level in the UK and Internationally and is very skilled at planning, delivering and evaluating adult learning. After a successful Headship Jeni moved into advisory work for LAs leading in AfL and Change Management, and was a School Improvement Partner. Her last substantive post at NCSL (NCTL) involved a varied experience in a number of leadership roles a National College Consultant Leader, Lead Coach, Lead Facilitator, Programme Lead, Associate Director in The International Business Unit. Since leaving the College in 2012, she has worked independently and has been involving in delivering leadership programmes across the UK, India and in Kenya. For the past two years she has been an Inspection Team Lead and member in Dubai for KG to Grade 13.

[2.09]: What boosted Jeni’s confidence?

[4.48]: Jeni on working for the National College

[7.33]: Jeni on taking a mentoring role in UAE

[9.00]: What has Jeni learnt about her leadership

[15.44]: Jeni on the challenges that leaders face at the moment

[20.08]: Jeni on talent management

[23.13]: Jeni on recruitment

[35.00]: Jeni on letting staff go

[37.49]: Jeni on the courage of having difficult conversations

[46.37]: Jeni on the impact of the learning environment on performance

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