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How to use the power of the words in mediation

When I research Jonathan Rodrigues to prepare for my podcast, I wasn’t surprised that he put a like to a post on LinkedIn from Charlie Irvine “We shape the world by our choice of words, so the world of other people’s conflict shapes us.”

Jonathan is a lawyer, civil, commercial and cross-border mediator in India. He speaks with passion about mediation and is very clear about the legacy that he wants to have with 1.3 billion in India “there is scope for mediation. It’s about creating a different future for those people.”

Jonathan says “every morning we wake up to #missionmediation”

In our conversation, we talked about:

– The landscape of mediation in India

– How to promote mediation in India

– What he learnt by doing his TED Talk on ‘multi-door dispute resolution’

– The role of AI in mediation

– How to manage the difference of opinions

Jonathan speaks about the influence that  Owen Fiss (Yale Law school) “Against settlement” has had on his way of thinking.

My favourite quote from this episode:

“The most thrilling part of mediation is when you take away all that noise to start a proper conversation”

If you have any questions or if you’d like to discuss how conflict resolution training can help your organisation, email me at for a virtual tour of my online training ‘Managing difficult conversations’.

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