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How to use the power of hope in conversations

Do you know this Airline Pilot Maxim: Do we want pessimism in the cockpit? (Hope Theory: Rainbows in the Mind, C.R. Snyder, 2002)

“Do we really want the pessimistic pilot, filled with anxiety, tension, worry, sadness, rejection, anger, self-criticalness, and profound uncertainty, to be at the controls when our jet is landing in a thunderstorm?”

Not me. I want a high-hope pilot in that cockpit.”

But for me, there’s more to it with ‘Hope’ so let me share something that is driving my passion around these 4-letter words.

I am currently writing a PhD proposal where hope is at the core of my research. My research will investigate and analyse how hope determines the outcome of a difficult conversation related to the performance review in a business context.

Hope involves estimation of conscious or unconscious probabilities so my hypothesis is that on choosing the odds to be in our favour, we demonstrate confidence, patience, determination and courage that the ‘perceived’ difficult conversation will transform into a courageous conversation to achieve better outcomes.

Hope will not only determine the future of a strong relationship), influence future performance but also shape the future capacity and capability of a person and ultimately plays a part in the business organisational growth.

So yes, I believe that hope can determine the flow and outcome of a conversation.

In this podcast, I share 5 practical ideas to shift your thinking and your feelings. I challenge you with 3 questions so that you can start using different words. Different words lead to different conversations with different outcomes.

“Change your way of thinking. Use your energy to accomplish more productive things. The choice is yours and it can be made today!” Garrett Kingston

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