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How to successfully use Linkedin for marketing

If you want to hear good news, read on?

My guest this week on #Leadingthecoachingchange podcast is Janine Capaldi and her opening statement is  people are actually generating leads from Linkedin at the moment.

That’s true. It’s not an assumption. It’s actually happening. There is hope and we should never lose sight of it.

My new Coaching the Leading Change podcast episode is all about exploring the successful conversations that we all need to have to design a clear roadmap, a strategic plan to generate leads from Linkedin. #Janine capaldi is the expert and shares with us some useful tips

Find out:

How to qualify your future clients on Linkedin

How to have the ‘right’ conversation to co-construct the ROI

How to assert your boundaries in a conversation

My favourite quote from this episode:

‘What I did find really difficult was telling people that they were not the right fit ‘

To find out about how my online licensed training on Managing difficult conversations can support your leaders within your organisation, email me


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