How to successfully manage up

Tony Robbins says that ‘According to Compton’s Encyclopaedia, the English language contains some 500,000 words. Yet, the average person’s working vocabulary consists of 2,000, 0.5% of the entire language. And, do you know the number of words we use most frequently, the words that make up our habitual vocabularyFor most people, it averages 200-300 words’. This is astonishing because it implies that the language you have been using may be more limited than you previously thought.
So with this in mind, imagine now…

Imagine being a middle leader with a new and experienced line manager who happens to be a micro-manager continually asking questions, having an opinion on everything you do, interfering in what you do daily and how you lead, high jacking your meetings with your teams, giving you feedback where you’ve no idea about the ‘why’ of this particular comment, for example,  ‘you need to be closer to your teams’. How would you feel?

In this episode, I discuss what ‘managing up’ is and I explore the 7 essential tools to influence up.

– When you manage up, you communicate differently
– When you create a level of safety, you encourage a degree of vulnerability
– When you maximise both synergies for maximal impact, you build great relationships

I love sharing my 7 coaching questions so that you can think about managing up’ when you prepare for that next meeting with your new line manager.

The transcript for this podcast is available here.

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