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How to set your new year resolutions

We will never forget 2020 and we have reflected!

2021 is yet to be written. You might have mixed feelings and emotions about it. Let’s be clear, 2021 will hold new challenges for us and that’s life!

What matters most is how we respond to challenges and how we apply the lessons that we’ve learnt to move forward in our relationships, career, leadership and life

Decide how you want to experience 2021. What’s your highest vision? What’s inspiring you right now?

We all have a different DNA and we’re all work in progress.

Psychologist William James said ‘Most people live in a restricted circle of their true potential’. How will you rise to the challenges of 2021 with courage, creativity and resilience?

In this podcast, I share 4 different ways of setting your new year resolutions.

What you choose not to do is as important as what you choose to do. It’s not about having the highest number of goals. It’s about setting what’s right for you and only you know that.

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  1. Well explained and clear explanation and varied choices for how to plan for living your best life in 2021. Thank you

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