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How to resolve conflict with mediation

*** How to resolve conflict with mediation ***

Me: Have you ever disagreed with a colleague at work?

You: YES

Me: Did you try to correct your colleague’s perceptions, lecturing him/her about why you’re right and why they’re wrong?

You: YES

Me: And?

You: It made it worse

I am delighted to be joined by David Barrett this week in my latest episode of #leadingthecoachingchange podcast to discuss how to resolve conflict with mediation

David shares his philosophy on what successful mediation is about. He explains

  • Why arguing can be valuable
  • What the three common points between coaching and mediation are
  • The five types of courage in mediation
  • The two techniques to manage differences of opinions
  • Why it is easier to do online mediation

My favourite quote from this episode:

“Every effective communication is an opportunity to build trust”

The transcript for this episode is HERE.

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