How to grow your mental strength with coaching

“Go for the gold medal”

If you’re curious about increasing your mental strength, then you’ll love this podcast.

Max Roberts is my very special guest. Max is a gym owner and a fitness/mindset coach in the North East of England. Jeni Ling introduced Max to me because she felt that I would share his coaching philosophy. I really do!

Max says

  • “When I climb up the hill, I believe I will be the hero of my own movie.”
  • “We all have a need to feel significant; on what scale that is is dependent on the person.”
  • “I’ve decided not to feel the other way.”
  • “Be your biggest fan.”

In our conversation, we explored

– How can we define ‘mental strength’?

– What is the concept of ‘significance’?

– How we can use ‘love language’ in our lives

– What you can do to get that gold medal every day.

My favourite question from Max: ‘If you were to do the exact opposite for 48 hours, what would your life look like?”

Thank you Max for being my guest. I’ll take that gold medal!

The transcript for this podcast is available here.

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