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How to get the most out of my online licensed training programme

Are you a Talent Development Specialist who is considering buying my ONLINE LICENSED TRAINING programme on ‘Managing Difficult Conversations’ but not sure whether it’s right for your organisation?

If so you probably have a lot of questions to ask me.

What kind of results can we expect when we buy the online LICENSED training programme (and how quickly)?

What exactly is included/not included in the online licensed training programme and how does it work?

What’s the hot seat?

Who can help me if I am stuck?

Is the programme suitable for an HR/ER professional, Junior, Middle and Senior Managers?

How much time we will need to spend on each module of the online licensed training programme if we decide to buy them separately?

And how much does it cost?

If that sounds familiar then listen to this special BONUS podcast episode where I’m explaining everything you need to know about my online licensed training programme.

I’ll even talk you through the results that my clients have had so far .

If you are serious about ensuring your employees have access to continuous online training to manage conflict, listen to this bonus episode, have a look at the information here or book a call with me


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