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How to find your leadership talents?

In my latest episode of the #Leadingthecoachingchange, I invited a special guest Andy Storch. Andy is Talent Development Consultant, Author, Podcaster @The Talent Development Hot Seat, Conference Host and Multipliers Certified Facilitator.

In this episode Andy shares how leaders need to examine how they are connecting with their colleagues to foster positive #relationships so that there is a significant impact on colleagues’s health, happiness and ultimately within the organisation.

Leading a successful career means making the right decisions. Andy talks about making the right choice in training. Discovery-based learning is an environment that helps people make challenging decisions with others in a specific timeframe. The difference is that it is a safe environment where you figure it out, try different answers and discuss them.

My favourite quote from this episode:

‘Networking is like a bank account, you don’t start off by trying to withdraw, you have to make deposits first.’

Thank you Andy for sharing your thoughts with us in this episode #52 of #Leadingthecoachingchange

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