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How to become the most interesting person in the room

Apparently, to be the most interesting person in the room, you need to be confident, smile and have things to talk about. Do that and people will be intrigued by you. That’s what people say!

To be the most interesting person in the room, be disruptive. That’s what I’d say.

Explore the power of conversations. Light the fire and sit in it. See the process unfold and work with it. How do you notice the disruption in the room?

Give yourself permission to ask 3 questions. Keep asking those questions.

1 of them you must ask 5 times (at least)

Guaranteed results…

I challenge you to try!

My favourite quotes from this episode:

‘What genius do you bring to your organisation?’

‘What is the level of safety here?’

I enable leaders to influence change faster through the power of conversations.To find out about how my online licensed training on Managing difficult conversations can support your leaders within your organisation, email me


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