How to be the perfect empathetic leader

Today I publish my 50th episode of my podcast Leading The Coaching Change. I am delighted to have a special guest @Mahmood Reza, director of Pro Active Resolutions, an accountant, business & tax advisor of over 30 years. He walks the talk!


Do something courageous everyday to unlock new possibilities

In December 2018, I had no podcast. I wanted one so that I could enable leaders to influence change faster through the power of conversation. Like most problems, the need to have certain talks doesn’t go away just because you avoid them!

When you want something to be different then do something different.

I signed up with @Jessica Lorimer’s podcasting course before Christmas 2018 to learn everything about podcasting over 6-8 weeks. I listened all of Janet Murray’s episodes… I wanted to learn from the best!

It’s ok not to know everything

I first thought that Libsyn was an antibiotic!

I didn’t know how to add the music to an MP3 using iMovie.

I had no idea I could even own a piece of music.

Stay consistent

17 months later…

I have published a podcast every Friday no matter where I was I the world and no matter what!

My podcast is now ranked #215

You can’t succeed on your own

#TeamNadine has been busy with editing the podcast (Thank you @podbear @philpowrie @bethlynch)


Listen to my latest episode #50 on the Leading the Coaching Change podcast. We talk about the importance of empathy in Leadership.


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