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How to be an outstanding coach by having transformational conversations

I am delighted to welcome Claire Pedrick, PCC to my podcast.

Claire believes that a ‘coaching style is more a behaviour that is formed through practice and reflection, than a box of knowledge that can be learned. Becoming a master coach is like winning Masterchef – it’s all about distilling what you know into something more powerful, more simple and more effective.’

If you’ve not bought her book, then, please do ‘Simplifying coaching – How to have more transformational conversations by doing less‘.

Like Tracy Sinclair, and Karen Foy, Claire does not niche and I find this refreshing. It’s nice to go against the flow.

In this podcast, we’re having a passionate conversation about coaching. We explore:

– The reasons behind writing the book ‘How to have more transformational conversations by doing less’?

– Some of her key thinking and ideas that were born from real-life events: ‘rightsizing a conversation’, ‘cocreating the container, STOKeRS

– The quality of conversations and how to improve them

My favourite quote 💬
‘Offering a safe place to be still, to think simply and in a future-focused way is a gift’’.

The transcript of this podcast is available here.

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