How to be a transformational leader

Do you remember when I talked about Disruptive Leadership with Simon Harmer ?Zig when everyone zags? in my podcast?

Louise Hall, Director of HR and OD at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust commented on Linkedin that ‘It?s easier to do this when you are a senior leader’. Well, I invited Louise Hall on my latest episode of?#leadingthecoachingchange?podcast to discuss transformational leadership and she immediately accepted. I love that!

Louise and I talked about

– The importance of doing the right thing

-? How relationships can shape the transformation

-? What the best teams look like

-? ?How not to become the leader that you don’t want to be

My favourite quote from this episode:

?As you get more senior, it?s easier to challenge the status quo. There is an acceptance, whether it?s right or wrong, because of the position you?re in, that you can do what you think is right, as opposed to just do what the policies or standards of ways of doing things is?

As an Executive and Leadership Coach, I enable leaders to influence change faster through the power of conversations.

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