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How to answer ‘what makes you unique at an interview’?

Imagine being in an online interview and being asked by the CEO “what makes you unique?”

– How would you respond?

– What examples would you use to back up your statement?

I am also curious
What is the best ever response you heard from a candidate (if you were on the interview panel)?

Lisa Barrow, CEO of Kada Recruiting has a possible answer “A good tip in answering this question is to start with this sentence opener. ‘I was the only one who.’ Or I was the first to. And fill in the blank with what you’ve accomplished that many others in the same situation didn’t or took longer to do. Use the opportunity to respond as a way to share a special achievement that you’re particularly proud of accomplishing”

Listen to Jeni Ling and I in this podcast where we give you 10 ideas about how to make your uniqueness shine.

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