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How to achieve powerful mediation to resolve conflict

I was very honoured to interview Andrew Miller QC for my 73rd podcast on #Leadingthecoachingchange.

Hands up that I felt a little intimidated as Andrew is a QC and I’ve never done a podcast with a QC before but as Andrew said: “I’ve always been approachable, the letters just get stuck on the end of your name”.

Andrew is a highly respected barrister, mediator, arbitrator and conciliator. As I was preparing for our conversation, I was seriously wondering if there was anything Andrew can’t do!

Genuinely kind, humble and approachable, Andrew and I talked for over 55 minutes over:

– What the Civil/Commercial Mediator Award 2020 meant for him

– What the qualities of a successful mediator are

-The impact of COVID-19 on commercial mediation and the resolution disputes in general

– How he manages the difference of opinions in mediations

– His mediation style

Andrew is also the Chair of the Trustees for the Charity ‘The Compassionate Friends‘ (TCF). Please TCF to offer support to families in their time of greatest need. Make a donation. Thank you.

My favourite quote from this episode
“Listening isn’t enough in my view. In mediation, I always say this phrase ‘we always listen but we don’t always hear’. You have to be able to hear what they are saying. When you repeat it back to them, they’ve got to know that they’ve been heard. Where parties start at the beginning of the mediation, there can never be a settlement. it’s not possible. Something has to change on both sides for there to be a settlement.”

If you have any questions or if you’d like to discuss how conflict resolution training can help your organisation, email me at for a virtual tour of my online training ‘Managing difficult conversations’.

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