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How to accelerate your growth with coaching

This week, I’m focusing on the impact of coaching, I’ve invited Karen Foy, Lecturer Coaching and Behaviour Change at Henley Business School.

Karen and I did a conversation analysis of one of my coaching sessions when I was preparing my re-accreditation from ICF. I loved the observations and perspectives that she shared with me on my own work.

Karen is quoting Carl Jung in our conversation ‘Once you’ve learned all your techniques and tools and models, you’re just a human soul across from another human.’

Karen says:
–      We can pick out and get curious about the words
–      We need to create a safe space
–      They may be very powerful in very high ranking positions but there’s still a human who has got the same issues as anybody else

Listen up if you want to know more. Karen and I
– explore what ‘clean language’ for coaches’ is
– focus on the importance of the coaching contract
– examine the types of conflicts where coaching can help
– discuss the difficult yet courageous conversations that leaders are having

My favourite quote from this episode:
“If we can encourage people and work with people to be themselves, they have all the wisdom they need to succeed just the way we do.’

The transcript of this podcast is available here.

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