How high-quality coaching supports positive social impact and social progress

I am excited to speak with Tracy Sinclair, Corporate Executive and board-level Coach, who has worked with a wide range of organisations within the UK and internationally and who sits on the various UK, EMEA and Global ICF working groups to promote and enhance professional coaching.

Tracy says: “I love to work with organisations, individuals and teams who want to be at their best and reach their fullest potential.

In our conversation, we spoke about:

  • the impact and the future of coaching
  • the importance of NOT niching
  • the (new) ICF competency 2
  • One of Tracy’s favourite book
  • Tracy’s work with Marshall Goldsmith

We also explored some questions:

  • What is the optimal human condition?
  • How transformational positive change and learning can be achieved
  • What are the ingredients of a transformational conversation?
  • How can coaching reduce conflict?

On impact: ‘we’re really looking at all of these ways of strategies for how to bring coaching into organizations, how to have a social impact, how to maintain standards.’

On niching: ‘whether that human being works in the financial sector, or is a young parent, or a single mother, or someone transitioning into retirement or, you know, whatever context they have, they are a human being.’

Tracy has been my trainer, mentor, supervisor. I love her passion and her commitment to high-quality coaching. She’s truly inspiring.

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