How can you improve your financial well-being?

The outbreak of Covid-19 virus has left many of us feeling anxious about the coming weeks and months as many people are facing an uncertain financial future, given the potential impact on everyday life, jobs and income.

But there is advice and support available to help people deal with the potential psychological and financial impact of the outbreak.

That’s why I invited @John Longford, Financial Adviser at St James’s Place Wealth Management to talk to us about the world of finance. My new Coaching the Leading Change podcast episode is all about exploring the steps we can take to reduce our financial fragility.

Find out:

How to put in place the right protection plan for your family

What a courageous conversation around finance looks like during COVID-19

How improving our finances can actually have a positive effect on our physical well-being by reducing stress levels.

My favourite quote from this episode:

‘What?s really important around financial advisers, it can be a very long-term relationship.’

If you’re interested in learning more about how my online licensed training on Managing Difficult Conversations can support your organisation, book a no-pressure consultation where we can discuss what your organisation needs to move forward.


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