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How can you be a successful agile leader?

Nick Sherriff who is my special guest on this new episode of #leadingthecoachingchange says something powerful  ‘a leader has to know what’s around the corner’

I love Nick’s leadership philosophy

  • You can’t do the same actions and expect different results
  • You’ve got to measure agile leadership in an agile way
  • Decide who is in the driver’s seat

We explore

– What is agile leadership?

– How long are we an expert for?

– How do you use performance management with an agile leader?

– What mindset do you need to have to stay at the top of being an agile leader

Aren’t you sold yet to listen to this episode? I am!

My favorite quote from this episode:

“But I was looking before I came here, there is genuinely now an AI application that reads your facial expression, your voice intonation, and asks you questions and then gives you an agile leadership score or a potential.”

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