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How can we ensure we are recruiting the best team?

*** What does talent acquisition look like in the midst of a pandemic? ***

The short answer is digital—very, very digital.

Thanks to Covid-19, the traditional hiring process has been harder than ever this year as recruiters and candidates scrambled to adapt to a fully remote experience.

Here’s the thing: ‘According to a Sage report, 24% of businesses have started using AI for their talent acquisition needs, with 56% of managers planning to adopt automated technology in the next twelve months.’ (Forbes, 2021)

Success-capable candidates in 2021 will demonstrate strong communication, ease with technology and a flexible, adaptable approach to their work.

Sneek peak of questions we discuss:
– How to adopt hiring technologies such as automation and AI
– How to stay personal when the organisation uses AI as part of your recruitment process
– How to eliminate bias in the hiring process
– What are the long-term hiring strategies?

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