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How can mediation improve your mental health?

I am delighted to welcome Marie Coombes, who is the National Workplace Mediation Award 2020 Winner on this podcast.

What I love about Marie is her enthusiasm, her energy and her passion for mediation. She genuinely and truly cares for people, so it is not a surprise that she is a mental health first aider.

We talked about the relationship between conflict, and mental health and Marie is clear about her role ‘we are not there to diagnose, we are there to support.’

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– What it means for them to be the ‘Workplace Mediation Award 2020 Winner.’

– What you can do in mediation in advance when you know that one person has mental health issues?

– The 5 areas of research that Marie use to support her work

– One advice to manage the difference of opinions

My favourite quote from the podcast

‘Language is a fascinating subject. It’s absolutely fascinating how people use language in conflict and in resolving it.’

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