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How can a Career Coach help you?

Welcome to the 65th episode of my latest podcast #Leadingthecoachingchange.

I’ve invited Fay Wallis who is a Career Coach, an Executive Coach and Outplacement Specialist. I met Fay when I was a member of Janet Murray’s community 4 years ago. What I really like about Fay is her authenticity, her sense of perfection, her professionalism and her positivity.

Be not mistaken, the next few months and years are going to be not only challenging but uncertain because of the ongoing economic impact from Coronavirus around the world. In this episode, Fay and I are going to share with you how she is supporting employees and HR professionals with redeployment and redundancies.

Fay says:

  • Some of the most difficult conversations HR professionals have is around redundancies
  • It’s hard to deliver bad news. How do you do that?
  • It’s ok to feel upset or confused or angry
  • As a Career Coach, you’ve got to be able to make that call and decided when it might actually be more helpful for that client to be offered counselling.

Fay and I together, we

explore how we can best help people when their role is being made redundant

share strategic steps that people can take to find a job as there are jobs available.

examine what the ‘survivor syndrome is’ and how you can best navigate it

discuss the courageous conversations that HR professionals are having

And if want to know the ONE tool that you should be using if you are writing up your CV or a letter of application, Fay reveals it all.

My favourite quote from this episode:

“This time is yours: what do you want to use it for”.

Fay and I have put together a list of professional bodies to help you:

Fay’s website at

If you are concerned that the difficult conversations that your employees need to have are being compromised by remote working – then you need to speak to me!  Either email me today at


One comment

  1. Agree so much that support is needed for people leading redundancy processes. I experienced that in an organisation where I had to lead the process for a large section of staff to be made redundant. It is a very tough space to inhabit for a leader.

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