Financial resilience in leadership

Really enjoyed our stimulating and thought-provoking podcast on “Financial resilience in leadership” with Mahmood Reza and John Longford DipPFS.

Now maybe you’re asking, “How can I improve as a financial leader, regardless of where I am on the career continuum?”

Deloitte defines “Financial resilience” as “the ability of an organisation to withstand events that affect their capital structure, liquidity, revenue and assets.”

Without financial resilience, commercial and operational resilience cannot be maintained.

We were keen to explore have a conversation around
– financial strategic planning (and forecasting)
– critical cash flow risk management
– communicating financial resilience to create value and foster trust
– helping the board make informed decisions
– conflict resolution (with yourself and with others) and responding to a crisis
– networking skills to hire the expert you trust

My favourite quotes:

“Part of a plan might be not to have a plan”

“Surround yourself with the experts that you trust”

“Challenge what you do and know your why”

“Being qualified is not necessarily being good at what you do”

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