Nadine Powrie: Making a difference in schools and universities

Being a great leader is an extraordinary role with a lot of responsibility. It’s a role where you’re always learning.

Now is the moment to allocate your time and your energy to support your leadership vision, whether you are an experienced, new or aspiring leader or a school governing body in schools and universities around the world.

Contact me so that I can support you in making a difference by elevating your leadership capabilities, by expanding your leadership mindset for elite performance. 

“Under the transformational leadership of the headteacher attainment has risen rapidly and the quality of teaching has improved since the last inspection. Professional development and performance management are sharply focused on students’ outcomes.”

(Ofsted 2012)

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I have been a successful educator at senior leadership level in four UK schools: Cramlington Learning Village (Newcastle upon Tyne), Bradfield School (Sheffield), Fareham Academy (previously Neville Lovett Community School, Portsmouth) and The John Roan School (Greenwich). 

Watch the following BBC South TV report on me being the first French Headteacher in the South East of England.

To speed up, slow down.


I will work with you to identify the leadership mindset that will help you (and your team) deliver extraordinary impact.


I am a global education leader. I have expertise both in the UK and overseas in school improvement work, school leadership, coaching, governance, school self-evaluation, evaluation of school development plans and curriculum reviews. I can help you. 


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Experiential learning will help you understand the necessary changes to your mindset and behaviours. We’ll encourage you to innovate so that you can transform your leaderships skills in an active and shared environment. You’ll be experiencing and exploring by doing.

Experiential learning will encourage you to take risks (in a safe environment), analyse and process new ideas with peers and reflect individually on the experience. You’ll work with new tools and methods, and practise new skills. You’ll be asking yourself ‘What works for me?’

Experiential learning is immersive with role-playing, guided discussions and simulated situations. You’ll be coached in new ways of working. Change is challenging but successful leaders know how to achieve it. So can you.

Experiential learning will help you chart your own learning path in a friendly and safe environment where you can enjoy your leadership growth mindset, whilst zooming in and out of your leadership competencies.

200+ evaluations

I have undertaken over 200 school evaluations. I enjoy supporting schools so that I can help their students and staff achieve their best potential.

I am an International Education Specialist and an experienced lead evaluator for private and governmental schools in UAE, Africa and Asia. I am a lead inspector for BSO and ISQM in UAE and Asia. 

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I enjoy shaping education policies. As Technical Lead with the Dubai Ministry of Education in 2020 I oversaw the pilot of a new evaluation framework including feedback on their new evaluation framework, design of a new handbook for evaluators, and training of over 40 evaluators on the pilot of the new framework and curriculum review.

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In times of uncertainty and complexity, your leadership is more important than ever. 

In the UK I have done 100+ quality reviews of NPQ providers with Tribal on behalf of the Department for Education (UK). 

100+ NPQ reviews

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