5 Questions on Difficult Conversations

Are you struggling with difficult conversations? Here are 5 questions you’ve always wanted the answer for…

#1: Am I the only one to constantly feel that all I do is deal with conflict work?

#2:How do I prepare for a difficult conversation that I am scheduled to have next week?

#3: Why do I always seem to remember the negative comments in those difficult conversations?

#4: Are there any great examples of difficult conversations that are turning out well that I could look at or listen to?

#5: Why you are not the right manager for me?

Whether you choose to change your perspective and perception, there will always be complex people around you. How you choose to respond to their behaviours is ultimately up to you.  You don’t have to give up who you are to work with a complex person. But you may just have to learn new skills and challenge yourself to do more and be more for yourself and others. Life is a negotiation.

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