Courageous Conversations around female business leaders

Gemma Stow helps female introvert leaders to have more impact and presence by increasing their confidence around self promotion. She supports them to step out of the shadows and into their spotlight.

I love how Gemma describes herself ‘Hey I?m Gemma a proud and fierce introvert.’

Her motto resonates well with me ‘Do what you can’t’ and I am applying it everyday.

‘It’s about doing it in your own way and remembering all the strengths and superpowers that you’ve got and bringing those up and using them to your advantage.’

‘If you don’t put your hands up, then you don’t seem to be learning and know things. Maybe you do know, you just don’t want to put your hand up.’

‘You can see what other people are doing. It’s about realising that you don’t know the full picture, their story and you can’t compare your chapter one with their chapter 20. It just does not work like that.’

‘Don’t try to fill in the silence. Just be the silence.’

In this episode we talk about:

– Gemma’s mission to help introvert female leaders

– The types of difficult conversations you may have when you are an introvert

– Self doubt and confidence

– What’s holding introvert female leaders back?

– The importance of silence in conversations

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